THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN RESOURCE GUIDE is a complex, comprehensive and informative publication which promotes diversity in workplaces and educational institutions throughout the United States. Our publication positively influences and affects the lives, career choices and educational decisions of college students. It also demonstrates, on behalf of hundreds of employers, educators and recruitment specialists, an unrelenting effort to maintain an environment of fairness, equity and professionalism.

Are you a college or university student?
The RESOURCE GUIDE provides ideas about career choices that you may not have thought of or considered, as well as access to information regarding your current field of study.

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We can help fill any job/career openings, mentoring services or internships available now or in the near future. Or if you're simply interested in supporting diversity, you can place an ad or message of support in the RESOURCE GUIDE.

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You can submit articles, interviews, or other material which you think deserves more recognition and attention. The RESOURCE GUIDE can showcase your journalism talents to a national college audience.

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